General Marine Services

Pumps & Valves

Pumps & Valves regulate and control flow and pressure in pumping systems. They also play an important role in site safety. Understanding the types of valves and how they work can help end-users select the right valves for their application’s use.

About Door and Hatches

Watertight doors (STDs) are installed to prevent the ingress of water from one compartment to another during flooding. They are usually located at the bottom part of the ship where the engines and shaft tunnel are found. They may be kept close especially when the ship is underway or may be left open except during an emergency.

Installations and comissionings of machineries

After delivery of our equipment and machines, they will be assembled and commissioned by our experienced technicians and specialists. The scope of our activities depends on your needs and can range from small service calls, through supervised assembly (monitoring and technical direction) to complete installation. Over the entire setting-up period our experts shall always assume full responsibility for the equipment and shall always be at your side when needed.

Our staff then checks the installed systems for compliance with requirements. In mutually performed test runs we then determine how well the projected capacity can actually be fulfilled. Our highly qualified employees carry out the mechanical and electrical fine-tuning necessary for commissioning the systems.

Electric Motors & Generators

Electrical motors and generators are machines that either convert electrical energy inputs into forces or applied kinetic energy inputs into electrical energy. In principle, any electrical generator can also be operated as a motor and vice-versa. In practice, they will often be optimized for one application or the other.

All electrical machines operate due to the same principles derived from the study of electromagnetics. Therefore, it is appropriate to first discuss these underlying electromagnetic concepts as this is crucial for understanding their operation. However, before discussing these concepts it will also be useful to revise the concepts of vector algebra and vector calculus which are used extensively in this subject.

Winches (electrical & mechanical)

Electric Rope winch mainly refers to various electric winches used in a number of different construction engineering projects on land as well as in coastal areas. It is also a popular winch system that is designed for reliable and durable lifting and pulling operations. It comprises an electric motor, drum, rope, transmission system, brake, and control system. The electric winch with rope is available with a range of capacities and sizes to suit your small to heavy-duty applications. It is primarily designed for lifting, pulling, or dragging heavy materials, significantly improving the workflow and working efficiency.

Fabrications (Steel Works)

Fabrication is the process used to manufacture steelwork components that will, when assembled and joined, form a complete frame. The frame generally uses readily available standard sections that are purchased from the steelmaker or steel stockholder, together with such items as protective coatings and bolts from other specialist suppliers.

Although a wide range of section shapes and sizes are produced, the designer may find that the required section size is not available. In this case, built-up girders may be fabricated from the plate. Sections and plate girders may also be strengthened by stiffening the web or flanges depending upon the load to be carried.

Arc Zinc Spray

Zinc arc spraying is a superior method of applying a zinc protective coating instead of hot-dip galvanizing.

It has the advantages of being able to be applied to large items – much larger than can fit in a hot-dip galvanizing bath, it does not cause distortion as can the hot-dip process, and it can be site applied or touched up. The coating thickness can be varied to suit the end use.

The completed material can be overcoated with a variety of finishes. It is commonly coated with an aluminum vinyl sealer, and it can be overcoated with most paints, or it can be left as is.


Babbitt metal, also spelled Babbit Metal, is any of several tin- or lead-based alloys used as bearing material for axles and crankshafts, based on the tin alloy invented in 1839 by Isaac Babbitt for use in steam engines. Modern babbitts provide a low-friction lining for bearing shells made of stronger metals such as cast iron, steel, or bronze. They may be made of: (1) high-tin alloys with small quantities of antimony and copper; (2) high-lead alloys containing antimony, arsenic, and tin; and (3) intermediate tin-lead alloys with antimony and copper.

Sea Water Coolers repairs & servicing

The Seawater Cooling system in Jubail is a vital utility service that provides an uninterrupted supply of seawater for non-contact process cooling to the primary industries for the Jubail Industrial City.

In 2015, MaSa pumped and distributed to 28 industrial customers, more than 6.1 billion m3 of seawater drawn from the Arabian Gulf. Our team of 154 employees works around the clock to ensure that there are no interruptions in our world-class operation and maintenance system. Pump stations are located near the seashore with a total installed capacity of 346 m3 per second (29.9 million m3 per day).