Marine Parts

Engine & Gear box mountings

Motor and transmission mounts consist of a motor or gearbox support arm, an isolation element, and a body-side connecting element. The critical element is the rubber spring that dampens vibrations, supports drive torques, and isolates noise during start-up. The motor mount prevents booming noises and load-change shocks.

Doom Nuts

  • A2 stainless steel 304 Hexagon Domed Cap Nuts- Fit screws bolts
  • Set screws are the fully threaded version of the standard Nuts.
  • Threads are the standard metric coarse(most common).
  • Dome Cap screws are fully threaded.
  • Manufactured from A2 grade stainless steel for improved corrosion resistance.

Used widely in the home and office appliance, communication equipment, ship assembly, and other machinery industry

Rudders and Rudders housings

rudder, part of the steering apparatus of a boat or ship that is fastened outside the hull, usually at the stern. The most common form consists of a nearly flat, smooth surface of wood or metal hinged at its forward edge to the sternpost. It operates on the principle of unequal water pressures.

Delta Anchors

The Delta is arguably the most popular anchor on boats today and is the standard anchor of choice used by most boat manufacturers. It has a good holding power per pound (about 50% more than the Bruce). Both the Delta and the CQR perform well in most bottoms, struggling the most in rock.

Bronze Sleeve

Bronze sleeve bearings, therefore, offer a broad range of ductility, strength, wear resistance, hardness, anti-seizing, and low friction properties, as well as the ability to adjust to discrepancies, tolerate dirty operating environments, and allow for contaminated lubricants.


Stainers and Filters

The key difference between strainers and filters is the size of the particles they remove. Strainers typically remove larger particles that are visible in a liquid or gas, while filters remove contaminants that are often so small, that they cannot be seen with the naked eye.

Guard Rails

Guard rail, guardrails, or protective guarding, in general, are a boundary feature and may be a means to prevent or deter access to dangerous or off-limits areas while allowing light and visibility in a greater way than a fence

Marine Ladders

Our commercial marine ladder, stairway, and gangway product line is ideal for beach and boat access, marine docks, piers and out-of-reach warehouse areas.

A boat ladder is a boat accessory that allows boaters to more easily move off, on and around their boats. They typically extend from the hull or swim platform to-or-under the water line and can be permanently mounted to your boat or added as a retractable/non-permanent installation.

Marine Valves

A marine valve is a kind of equipment used to control the pressure, flow rate, and flow direction of the fluid in the pipeline to meet the environmental conditions of vessels. The valve is the control device of the fluid pipeline.