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The Leader In Industrial Hard Chrome

We are proud to provide functional plating services to a wide variety of industries, specializing in the areas of hard chrome plating, sulfamate nickel plating, electroless nickel plating, and nickel-chrome plating.


We have the expertise to scale production with multiple facilities located throughout the United States.

Client Focused

The needs and expectations of our customers become ours, allowing us to foster fair, long-term partnerships.


We maintain higher standards of quality to safeguard not only our success but the success of our customers.

Our Plating Capabilities

IRE provide the most durable and reliable industrial plating for every industry.

  • We have an in-house chemist, and we have every tank tested weekly by a certified lab You benefit from quality and consistency
  • We purify our own chrome, which protects the environment and reduces costs You get savings that are passed on to you
  • Thin Dense Chrome
  • We can store your parts – You can receive your parts as needed
  • We are family owned, with the next generation coming You can count on us being here for you for a long time

Why choose I.R.E

we have defined quality, precision, and innovation in the industrial hard chrome plating industry.

Engineering Expertise

Our engineering expertise continues to drive us to be one of the leading industrial plating suppliers.

Cost-Efficient Quality

Rejected parts can cost your business time and money. Our precision plating services diminish these disruptions.

Proprietary Techniques

Our proprietary pre-plating setup and techniques result in a more consistent and higher quality surface finish.

R&D Investment

Our research and development efforts continue to evolve the plating industry with new and innovative surface finishes that set us apart.


Every client is treated as a lifelong partner. We understand the need to invest in your success, as your success is a part of ours.


Our proprietary processes and our greatest asset, our people, will maintain our leadership into the future.