Surface Treatments

Surface Treatments

Metal surface treatment is a process where metal parts are prepared for painting. The preparation is commonly referred to as coatings pretreatment. This usually involves creating a physical barrier that will protect metal against a corrosive environment.

Benefits of Surface Treatment

Lowered Maintenance Costs: The coatings will last more and lessen a vessel’s support costs by up to 20 percent. Wear and Tear Resistance: It is additionally incredible at lessening the wear and tear your equipment experiences during the time of operation.

Surface Polishings

Polishing is the process of creating a smooth and shiny surface by rubbing it or by applying a chemical treatment, leaving a clean surface with a significant specular reflection (still limited by the index of refraction of the material according to the Fresnel equations).

Advantages of Polishing Process

  • Polishing operation is done for a better look and good surfaces.
  • A polishing operation can provide shine to the workpiece.
  • The operation helps to keep the material bright and good luster.
  • There is not a skilled worker or operator is required for this operation.